Digital Marketing: Understand False Promises

Today, the internet is ruling the world with its strong presence. Half of the world’s population is using the internet and they are considered active users. Even though people are benefited by the use of the internet, people are scammed by falling prey of wrong digital marketing. Digital marketing is a process in which a product or service is advertised and people spend the majority of their time in branding the business with the help of internet marketing. In contrary, people are susceptible to digital marketing scams and these scams rob their mental peace. These scams are like a trap that offers best and fast results but without legitimacy.


Fake! Fake! Fake!


Businesses are faking everything including likes, comments, followers, testimonials, etc.  What are the fake offers you are going to get in the name of digital marketing? Here are some examples:


  • Likes and followers for your business page on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but beware, you are not going to get page engagement as you think.
  • Comments for the blogs, once again paid.
  • Promises of bringing your business on the first page of search engines.


People who promise such easy ways of internet marketing are scammers. If you are getting such kind of response quickly, they are not genuine. Majority of likes and followers are from fake social media accounts without any activity. If you are not getting genuine page engagement from the users, then it is not possible to bring traffic to your website on a daily basis. If the traffic is not consistent, then you are not going to get real customers. You can better use this money on Facebook and Google ads which is likely to be a better decision.


First page ranking on search engines


First page ranking on search engines within 1-2 months!!

Even though scammers can tell whatever they can, the real SEO says that things will work on its own pace. First page ranking on search engines is possible if you use the least searched keywords or absurd keywords. Even if your website is ranked first in the initial three months, there is a possibility of a sudden fall in the ranking. Never believe in these kinds of digital marketing scams that can compromise the credibility of your business.


Google certificate for digital marketing expertise


Of course, Google certification is a real thing. However, there are elements of doubts on people who possess it. The Google exams taken online should be finished within a time limit where a timer will be ticking throughout the exam. It is obvious that Google does not have a monitoring system to know the real person who is appearing the exam. If you’re tricky enough, you can hire a digital marketing expert to get it done.


How can you judge?


Never invest on a Google certified marketer until he/she demonstrate their digital marketing expertise.


Role of Content Marketing in Your Business



Content marketing is an inevitable part of every successful digital marketing campaign.  It helps in branding your business among the target audience by giving the right information to them. The content created should have an impact on the audience to encourage the purchasing process. In this competitive world, businesses should maintain a solid online presence. This is possible by developing valuable, original, and relevant content that gives a leverage to the business in your industry.  To give a better understanding, here are the benefits of content marketing to grow your business:


Branding of the business


People are looking for trusted brands. Trust can be established through your content marketing efforts as it shows that you have dedicated your time to solve customer problems. This is possible by sharing valuable and informative content on your website as it reaches the potential customers who later turn into buyers. Engaging content helps you to establish the authority as a thought leader in your industry.


Increase business visibility


Since the internet is loaded with lots of content, it is difficult for the customers to find your business.  If done effectively, content marketing helps to increase the traffic to the business website. Get consistent and quality traffic, and inbound links by updating the website with high-quality content. It allows to optimize the right content and enhance your online presence in the target market.


Return of investment


Content marketing helps your business to get sales leads that are the heart and soul of the business. It is cheaper than traditional marketing methods such as advertising. Of course, it involves a great effort to create authentic and quality content, yet it is cheaper and effective than displaying online ads. In order to achieve a positive ROI from the content, you need to analyze the data and understand the target audience.


Content marketing is one of the best marketing methodologies to market your business, no matter whether it is a small business or large corporations. Even if your business website is attractive or fascinating, the way you use to get the attention of the target market does matters. Here, content marketing plays an important role in building the business presence both online/offline. Paid marketing cannot replace the success of content marketing in the long run.





Business Blogging- How Is It Going to Help Your Business


Most of you have heard about blogs. Blogs are essentially used for marketing a product/business unless it is a personal blog. Personal blogs and business blogs are entirely different. Personal blogs are written by a writer about his/her personal experiences in an interesting manner.


Then, what is business blogging?


Business blogging is nothing but to write blogs on behalf of your business. Today’s technological advancements force your business to build an online presence. Hence, consistent blogging is an effective way to connect with your target audience. Blogs are used as a marketing tactic to lure website visitors. A business blog should share information about your business, which helps your prospective buyers to understand more about your products or services.


Drive traffic to your website




Most businesses are looking for a quick solution. Quick solutions such as social media ads and Google AdWords do bring traffic to your website. However, this traffic is not going to stay back forever. Once the money in your account is used, you have to replenish it again and again. This is not going to be easy for a business with limited funds.


So, what is the demand of search engines?


Updating website pages on a regular interval allow your website to get indexed by search engines.


Is it possible to update each page of your website on a regular basis? Obviously, not possible.


You cannot keep on updating your ‘Home’ page, ‘About us’ page, ‘services’ page, etc., consistently. Hence, blogging is one of the best methods to update your website regularly. When you post a blog on your website, your blog post is indexed by search engines. When your content is indexed by search engines, it shows that you have an active website. Indexing of your blog post helps you to get traffic to your website. When you post blogs on a regular basis, you’ll get more visitors who may become your potential customers.


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How SEO Content writing Improve the Value of Your Business?


Several businesses are becoming successful by implementing proper marketing strategies. These market strategies are helpful in getting more and more business orders. This is all about retail marketing that we have been seeing for decades. Online marketing is creating its prominence in this technological world due to the wide popularity of the internet and its increasing users. SEO content writing is a marketing strategy that allows the business owners to market their products even while doing online business. It helps you to flourish in the business without disturbing the daily online/offline business activities.


Less expensive, but effective


When compared to the retail business promotions and other types of marketing strategies, writing content is less expensive, and the results are truly admirable as it brings great traffic to your online business. If you know the complete details of the product that you are planning to advertise through your online portal/website, then you should identify your customers’ needs and how they go around the internet searching for products. Knowing the exact phrases to write about the product or services is what makes the job of SEO content writing easy.


Appropriate use of keywords


Once you have identified the search phrase that is used by the customers to identify your products, then you can start building your content around the search phrase. By using the same phrase again and again in the article, your article looks just like a bundle of words without out any sense or meaning. By providing the technical specifications or uses of your product to a content writer, you will receive the best content possible. He/she understands the requirements and apply the process of promoting the product in simple words, but effective words as per your specifications.

SEO content writing


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Online Marketing and Misconceptions


Most people think that internet is an easy way to get lot of money. The fact is that online marketing is just like any other marketing campaign, which requires lots of hard work. Before you taste success as an internet marketer, you tend to make mistakes and fails in your efforts. With lots of effort and concentration, you can succeed in the world of digital marketing. Some of the misconceptions about internet marketing are:


Difficult to achieve the tasks: Ask questions to yourself. What kind of unique business can you start? What kind of knowledge do you have? These questions have to be answered and such questions make you understand your abilities, and thereby you can stand out of the crowd.


Not my cup of tea: This is also untrue. If your mind is free of uncertainty, then your first step to success is reached. You should give your time to understand this profession, but it is not as hard as you think. You are the competitor of yourself. Self-confidence is important for this profession.


Internet marketing can be done by anyone: You are completely wrong if you are thinking like this. Discipline and interest in learning new things are important in a profession like this. A lot of hard work with an open mind is required to make it a success. Willingness to use new ideas and serious involvement in achieving tasks is also a must.


You can’t make money through the internet: First tip applies here also. Only hard work and consistency in your efforts make you successful. You have to have a mind to accept failures as well as to learn from experience. Apply your knowledge gained from your failures and then money will follow. Never give up on failures because you’ll find people who make money even after going through failures.


Becomes rich easily: Online marketing requires hard work and it is not an easy way to become rich. To enjoy success, you have to dedicate time and energy to learn. Of course, failures also come in your way. The success of online marketing wholly depends upon you because only hard work pays off. You will make money along with a lot of other gains such as knowledge in digital marketing. Attaining knowledge will make you a different individual.


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