6 Content Types Used For Audience Engagement

Today, people depend more on the internet to search for information than any other sources like TV, Radio or Newspaper. They are using search engines to extract information needed. Content marketing is not all about advertising; it offers information to convince potential customers to purchase a product.


It is proven that content marketing helped brands to generate leads and sales, and increase customer engagement. Content marketing is not limited to expand the reach of your business; it offers the customers to enjoy a great experience with the brand. Customer’s success is accomplished by giving information about the brand that helps to achieve desired results by using the product or service.


What is content marketing?


Content marketing helps to build a strong relationship with the existing as well as new customers. Content is used in anything ranges from videos, podcasts, blog posts, infographics, pictures, website content, white papers, press releases, SEO, pay-per-click, and inbound marketing. So, content marketing includes any content type used purposefully to share information and engage the audience.


Here are the 7 types of content that help you to engage with the targeted audience.


  1. Blogs

Every one of you already know what a blog post is. You know that blogs bring traffic to your website. Publishing blogs on your website is a great way to reach the target audience. It helps the business to improve search engine rankings through SEO and drive organic traffic to the site. Posting blogs enable you to reduce the marketing budget as it is an affordable way to market your business.


Blog posts are the indispensable part of a content marketing strategy. Blogs help to convey the brand’s message to the audience in a simple language. While writing a blog post, it is necessary to have an understanding of your target audience. Knowing the target audience helps you to write blog posts that generate interest in them.


Informative, authentic and original blogs will help to increase traffic and conversions through your site.


  1. Infographics

Infographics educate your visitors about the business through visuals and text. This content format is recommended to show statistics and comparison as it helps to convey the message easily. The text content used in infographics will be to the point and it goes well with visuals. Hence, it is easy for visitors to have a better understanding.


The infographics are favored by the audience because it takes less time to browse through the content than a textual article. This content format is getting more social media shares than other content formats. It is a great way to get some high-quality backlinks for your website.

  1. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are typically government papers.  But when it is used for content marketing, it helps to establish the authority of a brand on a certain topic or industry. Whitepapers are a long-form content format that handles a specific topic consisting of a problem and a solution. It is not a sales pitch, but it contains rich content that clearly communicates the issues and timely solutions for the issues.


By writing a highly researched and in-depth white paper on a topic related to your industry, it increases the brand’s authority or thought leadership in your industry.

  1. E-books

EBooks are also long-form content that educates prospective customers about the topic relevant to both brand and customers. It is a creative way to express your industry expertise. It is more of a visual content than a whitepaper, but more thoughtful than infographics. You should understand your audience to develop eBook content that creates interest in them. Showcase your authority in the topic of interest.


EBooks are generally 5- 30 pages long, but helps you to show the expertise in your industry. This content format helps to build a strong relationship between your business and targeted audience. Creating eBooks is an ideal way to know about the lead generation. How? Because visitors should provide their information to download the eBook.


  1. Social media posts

Social media posts are an excellent way to advertise your brand. Power of social media is known for everyone. Social networking platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are helping brands to reach their audience and establish a great relationship with prospective customers.


Social media posts engage visitors and existing buyers. The engagement helps the visitors to make purchasing decisions. Social media posts are helpful in creating alerts about a product launch, discount sales, promotions, and newly added product features.


  1. Case studies

Case studies are success stories of the business. It is basically about a problem solved by your business and how it helped the customer to become successful. Case studies are used to showcase the special features of your product or service.


Since it is an original story, customers will go through them with great interest to know how your business can help them. Even though you can use any scenario to explain the features of your product or service, giving a real-life example helps to build trust and authenticity. When you decide to write a case study, you should be careful in selecting the customer as an example for your case study. Consider providing a customer example who has benefited by your business significantly.


Final thoughts


Each and every business can be benefited through content marketing if used in the right manner. Businesses should consider using different types of content to reach the audience. Most people have a short attention span, which makes it essential for the business to create catchy content.


Build a stronger and long-lasting relationship with your customers through well-written and thoughtful content.