Digital Marketing: Understand False Promises

Today, the internet is ruling the world with its strong presence. Half of the world’s population is using the internet and they are considered active users. Even though people are benefited by the use of the internet, people are scammed by falling prey of wrong digital marketing. Digital marketing is a process in which a product or service is advertised and people spend the majority of their time in branding the business with the help of internet marketing. In contrary, people are susceptible to digital marketing scams and these scams rob their mental peace. These scams are like a trap that offers best and fast results but without legitimacy.


Fake! Fake! Fake!


Businesses are faking everything including likes, comments, followers, testimonials, etc.  What are the fake offers you are going to get in the name of digital marketing? Here are some examples:


  • Likes and followers for your business page on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but beware, you are not going to get page engagement as you think.
  • Comments for the blogs, once again paid.
  • Promises of bringing your business on the first page of search engines.


People who promise such easy ways of internet marketing are scammers. If you are getting such kind of response quickly, they are not genuine. Majority of likes and followers are from fake social media accounts without any activity. If you are not getting genuine page engagement from the users, then it is not possible to bring traffic to your website on a daily basis. If the traffic is not consistent, then you are not going to get real customers. You can better use this money on Facebook and Google ads which is likely to be a better decision.


First page ranking on search engines


First page ranking on search engines within 1-2 months!!

Even though scammers can tell whatever they can, the real SEO says that things will work on its own pace. First page ranking on search engines is possible if you use the least searched keywords or absurd keywords. Even if your website is ranked first in the initial three months, there is a possibility of a sudden fall in the ranking. Never believe in these kinds of digital marketing scams that can compromise the credibility of your business.


Google certificate for digital marketing expertise


Of course, Google certification is a real thing. However, there are elements of doubts on people who possess it. The Google exams taken online should be finished within a time limit where a timer will be ticking throughout the exam. It is obvious that Google does not have a monitoring system to know the real person who is appearing the exam. If you’re tricky enough, you can hire a digital marketing expert to get it done.


How can you judge?


Never invest on a Google certified marketer until he/she demonstrate their digital marketing expertise.