Use Free Website Promotion Strategies to Attract Traffic


As you know, nothing comes free of cost. If you’re not spending money, then you’ve to spend your valuable time to promote your website. There are several ways to promote your website online. You can receive huge website traffic even at the beginning stage of your website by using free web promotional strategies.  Effective web promotion strategies increase traffic to your website, which helps you to get target customers. Webmasters can increase the number of visitors to a website by using different methods of internet marketing strategies.


Online Directories

An effective and easiest method of free web promotion is to add your website to some of the popular online directories. Adding your website to online directories helps you in marketing your website. Begin the web promotion with this simple step and rest will happen effortlessly. Prepare the website and arrange website content to get a higher chance of acceptance in an article directory of your choice. Submit articles to these directories and get noticed by visitors. Follow their guidelines to publish an article with a link to your website. The content of the website should match the service provided by you.


Search Engine Optimisation

You have to optimise your content with specific keywords or keyword phrases related to your service. The keywords should be selected according to the volume of search in the search engine. Keyword tools help you to find relevant keywords for your targeted market. Search engine optimization brings traffic to your website without much effort. Remember to use long-tailed keywords as it is helpful for businesses to rank in organic searches. Use keywords with low competition, but frequently searched by potential customers to create compelling blogs on your website. White hat SEO is one of the best options to enjoy organic traffic and high search engine rankings.



Forums are helpful in promoting your website. Write forum posts and post it by logging into various forums. Forum marketing enables the reader to know more about the website and thereby attract visitors immediately. Build connections through forums to get positive reviews and mouth publicity. News spread from mouth to mouth is much faster than advertising your service online or offline. You can insert the website URL, name of the website, and its features in conversations to receive free publicity from visitors to visitors. You can also participate in discussions happening in Facebook groups and Google Plus communities.


Press Releases


Write an exceptional press release to advertise your website online. Writing press releases is also a free promotional strategy that can be done at any time. You can also write one or two paragraphs about your website and can send it to newspapers, internet e-zines, colleagues, friends, and other trusted sources that allow you to promote your website.



If you have a good relationship with other webmasters, then it helps to improve the traffic of your site as it is a kind of free web promotion. Online friends can connect you immediately. Do not get bored with requests and exchanges of backlinks. Maintain the contacts on the internet for link generation. You should update your website with fresh content regularly. Interlinking between the pages of your website also helps in free web promotion.


These are not the only ways to promote your website. There are several other methods for web promotion. However, quality of content is more important. If your website has poor content, then it is worthless to use any kind of strategies for website promotion.