Clients are requested to read and understand the terms and conditions to avail the services of Catchycontent. We reserve the rights to modify and update the terms and conditions as per requirements. By using our services, you agree to accept our terms and conditions.




Catchycontent accepts payment through the following payment methods:

  • Paypal (for both Indian and international clients)
  • Bank account ( for Indian clients)


Payment methods such as cash payments, debit/credit cards, or any other online platforms are not acceptable.


Delivery of Content


Catchycontent works hard to deliver all orders within a time range of 1-30 days. The speed of content delivery depends on the time required for research and writing, number of words required, difficulty level, number of documents, and information provided by the client. Clients can set specific deadlines for each order as agreed by both parties (Catchycontent and client). Orders are prioritised based on the urgency.


All orders are send through email, and the client has to review the content within 5 days of receiving the content. If the client fails to review the content within the specified period of time, Catchycontent is not responsible for any revisions or refund of the order. Up to 3 revisions can be done without any extra cost. After 3 revisions, the client has to pay for further revisions made. However, exceptions are made for genuine reasons.


Revision policy


Revisions can be requested by the client, if he/she is not satisfied with the first draft. The client can request for a revision, if:


  • the instructions of the client were misjudged
  • the content is not following the guidelines provided by the client
  • any part of the instructions was ignored
  • the client wants to make reasonable expansion or changes in the content


However, delivering or sending accurate content instructions is the responsibility of the client. The client has to outline the content requirements clearly and precisely. Catchycontent is not responsible for any revision requests that are not included in the original instructions.


Refund policy


In case of refund or non-payment of the content delivered, Catchycontent reserves the rights of the content. Rejected or non-paid content should not be used in repurposed, rewritten, refurbished or any other manipulated form online/offline by the client. Offline communications include print media, flyers, brochures, emailers, etc.




If the client is not satisfied with the links provided to content samples, the client can request for a paid sample. If the sample is not paid, the complete rights of the sample reserves with Catchycontent. We’ll publish or use the sample by making relevant changes if it is not paid.

The content written by Catchycontent for clients will be used as work samples without any modification unless the content is ghost-written. Ghost-writing charges applicable.